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Magazines & Bulletins

Islamic Awareness Magazine:


1.         Comprehensive Monthly Islamic Magazine.

2.         Issued by the Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs in Kuwait.

3.         Published at the beginning of each month A.H.

4.         Website: Islamic Awareness Magazine.


Successful Administrator Brochure:

1.       Brochure issued by the Department of Planning and Follow-up in the Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs.

2.       Brochure on administrative work and career development for staff.

3.       This Brochure provides advice and guidance to staff.

4.       This Brochure stimulates the spirit of cooperation and career.

5.       Website: Successful Administrator.



1.       Folded Newspaper issued by the Department of Islamic Culture

2.       This Newspaper provides advice and guidance.

3.       Publication of Islamic issues with examples from Islamic History.

4.       Website: Forum.




Leading Imams’ Brochures

1.       Technical periodic Brochures issued by the Office of Technical Affairs, Mosques’ Sector.

2.       These Brochures provide advice and guidance on advocacy.

Al-Wa’ei Al-Islami
Al-Montada Flyer
Wahat AlAwqaf
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