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Jurisprudence Encyclopedia

Jurisprudence Encyclopedia


Encyclopedia is a comprehensive written book that contains information on all branches of knowledge or a particular branch of knowledge. Encyclopedias are divided up into articles. The articles on subjects in an encyclopedia are usually accessed alphabetically by article name. Four major elements define an encyclopedia its subject matter, its scope, its method of organization and its method of production.

Historical profile about Jurisprudence Encyclopedia:

Jurisprudence Encyclopedia's issuing considers an Islamic hope especially for those who are interested in the renaissance of Islamic nation. However, the most important appeals that were repeated for the completion of this innovative scientific project is the appeal of the Conference of Islamic jurisprudence week in Paris 1370 A.H (1951A.D), in which a group of scholars of the Muslim nation participated and the recommendation was the call for the composing of Jurisprudence Encyclopedia which contains the Islamic legal information according to modern methods and alphabetical arrangement.

In 1375A.H (1956A.D) was the beginning of official attempts to highlight this historic decision into effect, by the attached  Commission to the Faculty of Sharia at the University of Damascus, this commission was formed by presidential decree after the Egyptian-Syrian Unification. In 1381 A.H (1961A.D) a chapter includes models of Encyclopedia's research was published that written by scholars from both countries, then issued in Syria some preliminary work as a jurisprudence dictionary for Ibn Hazm, and a manual search using jurisprudence.

But in Egypt, the idea of the encyclopedia, which was taken by Ministry of Awqaf in 1381 A.H (1961A.A.D) between committees Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs issued the first parts in 1386A.H amounted to (24) part, which is not all that done, the delay in publishing .

In 1386 A.H (1967A.D) - With the advent of the need for concerted efforts to ensure the Islamic completion of this project in any Islamic nation has the financial as well as manpower support  - the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in Kuwait embraced this project as one of the hypotheses that are vested and duty to provide for modern jurisprudence as to learn The facilitators to work, and such an initiative should be done to take advantage of the credit and pay, dropping reproachable conduct and responsibility for all the nation.

It must be mentioned here that it does not a matter to vary the efforts in the service of Islamic jurisprudence severe lack in supply modern and Artistic Direction. It is marked with the product emerged from Encyclopedias list (in Kuwait and Egypt) that each country seeks to enrich the jurisprudence in the area, or in a manner other than those sought by the other and that this diversity is what meets the needs of different colors and care jurisprudence and rounded to the student board.

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