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Types of Prophetic Sayings

1.     First Type: Sahih (Sound).

2.     Second Type: Hassan (Good).

3.     Third Type: Da'if (Weak).

4.     Fourth Type: Musnad (Ascribed).

5.     Fifth Type: Muttasil (Continuous).

6.     Sixth Type: Marfou' (Elevated).

7.     Seventh Type: Mauquf (Stopped).

8.     Eighth Type: Maqtu' (Severed).

9.     Ninth Type: Mursal (Hurried).

10. Tenth Type: Munqati' (Broken).

11. Eleventh Type: Mu'dal (Perplexing).

12. Twelfth Type: Mu'llaq (Hanging).

13. Thirteenth Type: Mudallas (Concealed).

14. Fourteenth Type: Mursal (Hidden).

15. Fifteenth Type: Shadhdh (Irregular).

16. Sixteenth Type: Munker and Ma'rouf.

17. Seventeenth Type: Matrook (Left).

18. Eighteenth Type: Follow-ups and Evidence.

19. Nineteenth Type: Zeyadat AL-Thekat.

20. Twentieth Type: Ahad (Isolated) and Gharib (Strange).

21. Twenty first Type: Muallal (Defective).

22. Twenty second Mudtarib (Shaky).

23. Twenty third Type: Mudaraj (Interpolated).

24. Twenty fourth Type: Maudu' (Forged).

25. Twenty fifth Type: Maqlub (Overturned).

26. Twenty sixth Type: knows the status of the person accepting his novel and relating his story from the injury and adjusts.

27. Twenty seventh Type: the way of hearing Hadith and how to vowelize it.

28. Twenty-eighth Type: Writing Hadith and correcting it

29. Twenty ninth Type: feature of telling Hadith and performance.

30. Thirtieth Type: Knowing the rules of Hadith.

31. Thirty first Type: Studying students' ethics.

32. Thirty-second Type: up and down Isnad. 

33. Thirty third Type: Mutawatir (Consecutive).

34. Thirty Fourth Type: Mashour (famous). 

35. Thirty fifth Type: Aziz (Rare-Strong).

36. Thirty sixth Type: Differences of Hadith.

37. Thirty seventh Type: Musalsal(Uniformaly.

38. Thirty eighth Type: Transcriber talk and copied.

39. Thirty ninth Type: Mushaf.

40. Fortieth Type: different Types of Hadith.

41. Forty first Type: ALmazeed in Mutasel AL-Isnad.

42. Forty second Type: knowledge of companions, may Allah be pleased them.

43. Forty-third Type: knowledge of followers may Allah be pleased them.

44. Forty fourth Type: senior companions know about narrators Asagr.

45. Forty fifth Type: Almudbj and companions narration.

46. Other Types.

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