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The series of provisions of Quran

Al-Bukhary and Muslim said that Omar (may Allah be pleased with him) had said: (I heard Hisham Bin Hakeed reading the Chapter of “Al-Furqan” about the life of the Prophet (PBUH), so I listened to him reading. He was stressing many letters that weren’t read by the Prophet (PBUH), so I almost interrupted his reading but I was patient until he finished – he held garment from the neck and I said: Who made you read this chapter? He said: The Prophet (PBUH), so I said: You lie, so I took him to see the Prophet (PBUH) and said: I heard him reading the Chapter of Al-Furqan according to letters you had not read before, so he said: Let him go – Read Hisham, so he read the way I heard him read before, and he said: This is the way it was descended, then he said: Read Omar, so I read the way I was asked to read, and said: This is the way it was descended (The Holy Qur’an was descended according to 7 readings, so read what becomes available from them).

Scientists agreed that the Holy Qur’an was conveyed to us by the Prophet (PBUH) in various stories, and the scientists named it the science of “Qur’an Readings”, in which they clarified what is meant by this science and its divisions and types, and the most important readers of these readings, in addition to the most important publications that were registered in this field.

Readings are a language, and the plural of reading, and it is originated from the verb “Read”. The science of reading according to the scientists means the science through which the reading of the words in the Qur’an are recited and their differences, and referred to its conveyer.

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