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Emadi: Ministry of Awqaf has paid great attention to the Halal industry

The Undersecretary of Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Eng. Farid Emadi said that Halal industry has witnessed a tremendous development, which made it necessary to introduce laws to regulate and organize its affairs, as well as to find alternatives solutions in accordance with Sharia and Fiqh standards. Especially since the global Halal industry has estimated at $ 1 trillion, of which $ 66 billion for food industry in the European market alone.
   In his speech at the opening of the seventh scholarly session organized by the Department of Ifta, entitled "Halal Industry and Today's Requirements" at the headquarters of the International Islamic Charitable Organization IICO, Emadi said that reality proves that flexible Islamic Fiqh has created effective solutions to many contemporary problems. Including those related to Halal industry and its services, from food, drinks, to clothing, medicine, cosmetics, cleaning tools, etc. Emadi added that Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs has paid great attention to the Halal industry and its services by sponsoring three conferences about the Halal industry during the years 2011-2014. In addition to various programs and projects offered by the ministry's departments to spread religious awareness and to enhance the culture of Halal among people.
   For his part, the Assistant Undersecretary for Department of Ifta and Sharia Research, Mr. Issa Al-Obaidli, said that Islamic law is keen to meet the basic needs of human being and at the top of these needs is Halal food. Al-Obaidli added that the modern era has witnessed a technological boom in the Halal industry, which has brought about substantive changes that may lead to modifying some provisions of halal and haraam according to the different circumstances and situations that do not apply to the original reasons of prohibition. This requires constant efforts to keep abreast of these developments. Through conferencing, organizing specialized workshops, seminars, qualitative programs, issuing periodic publications, and creating applications and websites.
   In turn, the Head of Ifta Department in the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, Sheikh Turky Al-Mutairi, said that the session will be held for three days, the programe of the first day will begin with a lecture by Dr. Mutlaq Al-Jasser, the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs at Faculty of Sharia - Kuwait University. His lecture will cover the issues related to Halal products, the rules and conditions of slaughter, and the electrocution currently in place in many countries that export meat. On the second day, a lecture by Dr. Hani Al-Mazeedi, a Co-Researcher at Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research KISR will address the global interest in halal products, export to the GCC markets, slaughter rules and laws in exporting countries. The third day will be a panel discussion to discuss the main topics of the first and second day, and to answer the public's questions.

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