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Dr. Abdul Rahim Al-Mahmoud: Forgiveness and pardon are a sign of piety
Human being, by nature, tends to feel triumphant and superior, that tendency has always been the enabling environment for conflict and dispute throughout history. Then, Islam came with a set of lofty values ​​that taught man how to forgive and how to overcome the evil and the desire for vengeance.
  In this regard, Dr. Abdul Rahim Al Mahmoud, preacher and lecturer, stressed that Islam urges pardon and forgiveness in order to ensure the safety and dignity of people. Allah Almighty commands forgiveness and neglecting those ignorant who seek personal revenge. {Hold to forgiveness; command what is right; and turn away from the ignorant} [Al-A'raf:199]. 
  Forgiveness also was an integral part of the morals of the Prophet, who never took revenge on anyone; on the contrary, he showed forgiveness and tolerance for all without exception. The most glorious day was the Conquest of Mecca, When the Prophet issued a kind of general amnesty for the people of Mecca, who were politically and militarily defeated at that moment. Instead of vengeance he forgave them, saying to all, "Go, you are free."
   In addition, pardon and forgiveness are attributes of righteous and pious people. Those who learned from Quran that forgiveness is a sign of piety, in accordance with the verse: {To forgive is nearer to piety} [Al-Baqara:237].  
  No doubt that anyone has the right to ask for retribution and to reclaim his rights from those who harmed him, but forgiveness is better and more rewarding in the hereafter.
  Of course, anyone could face a difficult or injustice situation, even the Prophet and the Companions themselves have been through this before. Therefore, we need today to spread that spirit of forgiveness and to promote tolerance, because this, definitely, protects society from falling into the cycle of violence and retaliation. Beside that, its impossible for any sociery to enjoy peace and stability if rivalry, hatred and vengeance prevail among people. That's why we should strongly uphold the values ​​of tolerance in our societies, and try as much as possible to go beyond the differences in order to turn over a new leaf.
  Ultimately, all we need is to remember the Hadith of the Prophet, PBUH: " Allah augments the honour of one who forgives; and one who displays humbleness towards another seeking the pleasure of Allah, Allah exalts him in ranks." [Narated by Muslim].

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