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Sheikh Ashraf Al-Mousa: The greatest example of patriotism is the Messenger of Allah (PBUH)

​Patriotism can be regarded as a kind of an innate love to the homeland, as well as being one of the virtues of Islam. Therefore, the Muslim is usually characterized by intense allegiance, patriotism and willingness to sacrifice for the prosperity of his home country. In this sence, sheikh Ashraf Mutiea Al-Mousa, preacher, believes that patriotism is a branch of faith, and that the greatest example to follow is the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. There are plenty of situations and Hadiths in Sirah prove that, most notably the story of Hijrah, when the Prophet was on his way from Makkah to Madina, such a moment when sorrow reached its climax in the heart of the Messenger of Allah, PBUH, he looked to Makkah mountains saying: "By Allah, you are the best land of Allah, and the dearest of the land of Allah to me. By Allah, had I not been expelled from you I would never have left." [Narrated by Ahmad and Ibn Majah]. But Allah the Merciful did not leave him in this state of sadness and sorrow, He revealed a verse of Quran to console him; {Indeed, [O Muhammad], He who imposed upon you the Qur'an will take you back to a place of return} [Al-Qasas:85]. Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with him, interpreted this verse as a message from Allah Almighty that the Prophet will return to his homeland Makkah after a while.
   Patriotism is the sense of belonging that Islam instills in the soul and the positive energy that should be properly directed to protect our nation. Thus, true patriotism is far from empty slogans, on the contrary, it is the positive motive for building, reforming and serving society. All this was achieved at the stage of establishing the early state in Islamic history, when the Prophet, PBUH, made it a priority to build the mosque first, to be the nucleus of the state and its cultural and religious centerpoint. This was followed by the stage of social reform and changing the behavior of new Muslim community from inside. By imposing strict measures to achieve justice and equality among the people, and to ban all manifestations of sectarianism, fanaticism and polarization. All this done in accordance with the great Quranic standards of: {Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you} [Al-Hujurat:13].
  Thus, the Prophet, PBUH, taught us that building nations is based on cooperation, equality, acceptance of the other and recognizing that every individual in society has a full package of rights and duties that should never be neglected.
  Based on this national spirit, the Sheikh Ashraf Al-Mousa advises Muslims everywhere to adhere to brotherhood bonds, however diverse their views may be, and fraternal ties among Muslims should be greater than any differences or gab of opinions. In addition, true patriotism requires unity and solidarity to protect society from those who prey on any opportunity to harm the interests of the nation.
  For this, each and every one of us should strive to preserve the grace of having a homeland, by respecting laws and public order, protecting national soil and investing the country's resources properly. Over and above, every Muslim should  thank Allah Almighty for the grace of security and safety he enjoys in his homeland, when he practices his worship in freedom, safety and tranquility, without hardship or fear of persecution.

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