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Sheikh Bader Al-Filkawi: Patriotism is one of the noble values ​​that our religion urges
  Man by nature cherish the homeland he belongs to, since it is the home of his ancestors and his descendants as well. Then Islam came and strengthened this sense of belonging to the homeland, and even made it a necessity to build civilization. Since then, it is incumbent on every Muslim to contribute to the reform of his society as much as he can.
  In this regard, Sheikh Bader Al-Filakawi, preacher, stressed that patriotism is one of the noble values ​​that our religion urges. The Prophet's Sunnah is full of examples and Hadiths that prove this. The most known of that is what was narrated in various phrases by Tirmidhi, Ahmad and Ibn Majah, when the Prophet PBUH left Mecca to immigrate to Medina, and his feelings overwhelmed him, he said:  "By Allah, you are the best land of Allah, and the dearest of the land of Allah to me. By Allah, had I not been expelled from you I would never have left."
  On the advent of national occasions of Kuwait, may Allah Almighty save our beloved country and their people, every one is keen to celebrate in his own way. So, there are a common ways in which everyone can express his gratitude to his dear country and at the same time serve as a safety valve to protect country from dangers and evils, for instance: Dhikr of Allah Almighty constantly and asking His forgiveness. Since Al-Isteghfar can serve as a barricade that protects the Muslim, his family and his community from the consequences of sins and misdeeds. In accordance with the Quranic verse: {And Allah would not punish them while they seek forgiveness} [Al-Anfal:33]. 
  The second is to be positive enough to serve his community in the best possible manner, and spare no effort to give appropriate advice that would help to fix any wrong he would see, at home, at workplace, at university, etc. This is the positive social role that every Muslim should do to serve his country, provided that it is done in a wise and polite manner, without violation of laws and public order. This is exactly what the verse says: {And your Lord would not have destroyed the cities unjustly while their people were reformers} [Hud:117]. 
  Today, Alhamdulillah, modern technology has made it easier for people to do everything, facilitated spread good word everywhere. If one can not give an advice directly, he can share a verse of Quran, websit link, snap or tweet via social media. Such simple contributions may be a cause of repentance for sin or a help for change.
  There is no doubt that Allah Almighty will save the Ummah as long as the repentant and those who ask Allah for His forgivness are exist, this category of society are the source of goodness and the wall of resistance that protect the nation from strife and evils.
  Over and above, everyone should know that patriotism requires the individual to respect law and public order, to master work and fulfill responsibilities. Patriotism also requires to spread Islamic values ​​and virtuous morals in society, as well as spread the spirit of tolerance, love and brotherhood among people, this is the genuin guarantee for the happiness in the worldly life and the Hereafter.

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