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Muhammed Al-Shamali: We have to teach our children self-censorship so as not to be distracted by web temptations

   Allah Almighty Has blessed us with this vast amount of modern technology and communication networks, which facilitated the transfer of information, made it easy to exchange of cultures and knowledge, and brought us closer. All of this requires great thanks and gratitude to Allah Almighty for this blessing, as well as it requires a good use and a positive recruitment of these means in order to disseminate teachings of Islam and consolidate its noble values ​​and ethics.
   On the advantages and disadvantages of modern technologies in our children's life, Sheikh Muhammed bin Abdul Aziz Al-Shamali, the preacher and family mentor, said that modern technologies are a double-edged sword, used in both good and evil.
   Hence, we need to be aware of positive and negative aspects and to determine our priorities according to religious precepts. In this regard, any talk about the new generation and technology should be through two main contexts:
  First: the pros and cons of modern technology.
  Second: ways to take advantage of modern technologies, and protect our children from their dangers.
  As for the positive aspects, knowledge has become accessible to all thanks to technology. With the click of a button, any of us can access information, follow the latest developments, exchange ideas and visions with others and learn about their cultures and experiences. No doubt that technology has enriched the collective mind, enlarged the general public's knowledge, helped people to be opened up to the world. Today, one can study online and communicate with scientists and specialists even without leaving his home. Positive aspects also include the multiplicity of platforms and useful sites that are concerned with developing skills and mental abilities, enhancing the intelligence of children, raising their ability to learn languages ​​and acquire skills related to complex technical sciences.
   However, there are many negative aspects. Technology has allowed our children to learn about different cultures that contradect our religion, and has facilitated access to websites that may contain forms of intellectual or behavioral perversions. In addition, the preoccupation of many boys and girls today on the platforms of Games or on Social Media has became a huge waste of time. Which may cause a decline in students' academic performance, especially during exam time.
   It should be noted that some studies indicate that there is a link between Internet addiction and the isolation and introversion of some adolescents. When some teenagers tend to avoid family gatherings, social events, and even avoid communicating with their parents. Other studies have linked the addiction of electronic games to some behavioral changes in children and adolescents, such as excessive tension, aggression and a tendency to violence.
   Therefore, we need to shed more light on how our children can benefit from modern technology. In order not to be overwhelmed by the disadvantages of it. First of all we should educate our children and open a democratic discussion with them about the pros and cons of the Internet. We should also teach them how to organize their time, in order to achieve the required balance between activities and responsibilities. So that the time of entertainment does not affect the times of worship, study, sports, etc. On the other hand, parents should be a role models for their children. It makes no sense for a father to order his son to reduce the hours spent surfing the Internet, while he himself is wasting most of his time online.
   Another very important point; is that children must learn to fear Allah Almighty, and conduct a kind of self-censorship so as not to be distracted by web temptations. Hence, the most effective way to achieve this is attaching to the Holy Quran. The more our children are attached to the book of Allah, it will protect them from temptations and drifts.
   In conclusion, we must teach youth to be vigilant, and warn them not to disclose any personal information online, because that may put them at risk. And we should guide them to useful websites and applications that serve our religion, our country, and our Ummah.

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