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Sheikh Abdullah Al-Dossari: Adhering to Prophet's teachings and his morals would bring calm into our life and solve any problem
The Prophet Muhammad PBUH is the true embodiment of full morality and virtues.
   Speaking about imitating the Prophet's morality, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Dosari, preacher and lecturer, said that the messenger of Allah PBUH was the best in morals and manners. Therefore, the Companions were deeply attached to him. They cut off any ties that connect them with the pre-Islamic era. Because they saw that Muhammad PBUH embodies all the ideal manners that rarely meet in one person; tolerance, indulgence, clemency, patience, virility, mercy, generosity, modesty and gentleness. Thence, Allah Almighty has praised him in Quran in an unprecedented manner; {And thou (standest) on an exalted standard of character} [Al-Qalam:4]. Whereas most people now complain about the misbehavior of others, so the solution lies in imitating the Prophet in morality and spreading that ethics among people. It is incumbent to follow the behavior of the Messenger of Allah, as allah Almighty made him a model to follow. 
   Thus, adhering to Prophet's teachings and his morals would bring calm into our life and solve any problem. 
   The Companions, may Allah be pleased with them, perceived the Prophet the most pious and penitent, despite that Allah Almighty forgave whatevere he did, but that did not stop him from constantly repenting. He used to invoke seventy times a day for forgiveness, while Paradise has been promised to him. This attitude is indispensable nowadays, where sins prevail and where temptations reign, people need to repent, they need also to teach their children how to fear from Allah Almighty, especially when they are alone with screens and cell phones.
   On the other hand, the Prophet was a unique example of tolerance and endurance, and this is an indication of the strength and emotional stability. These psychological traits enabled him to take over this great historical role and enable him to control the Arab tribes that opposed his mission. Despite that the Arab personality is stubborn by nature and hard to control.
   Patience and pardon were also characteristics of the Prophet peace be upon him, he held on to patience for twenty-three years, when many of his companions were killed, many of his followers were persecuted and displaced, and when he himselfe suffered from oppression to the extent that he was expelled from his hometown. Despite all of this, he was patient and tolerant in order to spread the divine message. Furthermore, the Prophet never felt angry, wrath or wanted to take revenge on those infidels who has insulted him before. His heart had had no negative feelings toward anyone. All of us also need to be so forgiving. In fact, self-control in difficult situations is a sign of prudence and wiseness, no one can deny that blind anger consequences are always severe. So, our hearts need to get rid of impurities of anger, hatred and vengeance, so that we can pray and supplicate to Allah Almighty with pure hearts, free of all that disturb the worship. 
   On the other hand, the Prophet was modest in his home, he did not refuse to do some household chores, such as milking sheeps, sewing his cloths or repairing his shoes with his own hands PBUH. He also was humble when dealing with people. It has never happened that the Prophet treated people with a sense of superiority or arrogance. He was nice and gracious with the elderly, and kind to children.
   In this regard, Sheikh Dosari asserted that our Ummah today desperately needs to follow the Prophet's guidance and morals that teach Muslims humility and respect for others. As a good morality and kind words are more precious than any gift. Such high manners that make everyone give the helping hand to those who need it, care about sick, poor and hard-working people.  In compliance with the will of Allah Almighty and the teachings of His Prophet, peace be upon him.

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