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* Islamic reform work in Senegal and Mali moved to offering programs at the level of societies interests.
* We believe in Allah's promise for those who work hard in accordance with sound Islamic vision.

* We are in a position of a valuable opportunity for the puzzled mankind to be guided to the true Islamic approach to tackle defects of the positive laws.
There is no doubt that the success of the Islamic project in any area is reflected positively on its followers in the surrounding areas, particularly in light of the community boring from the Westerners ideas and solutions that establish rupturing between the Muslims and their identity.

In the second part of the dialogue with the foreign relations official in the movement and secretary general of the Humanitarian Forum for Development and Education in Senegal Dr. Mohammed Said Bah, we tackle his answers about the acceptability of Senegalese society to the Islamic concept in light of the secularism prevailing in his country, the features of Senegalese experience of in the regional surrounding to the State of Senegal , the willingness of workers in the Islamic field to achieve new gains and advanced positions in terms of running the country according to moderate Islamic vision.
The dialogue covered the Islamic case in Senegal in the light of intellectual conflict the Senegalese society witnesses, where the Muslims represent more than 95% of the population according to official statistics, in addition to  Dr. Mohammed Said Bah's vision to develop reform projects on the basis of an Islamic vision and the resumption of the transition march towards the return of some Arab and Islamic societies to their identity. The details of the interview are as follows:
Q- How does the  Senegalese society accept the Islamic concept, and how do they deal with the secularism prevailing in your neighborhood?
* It is a fortunate fate that the secular pattern we have in our country is characterized with great flexibility, although Senegal is one of the few countries of which constitutions state that its system is based upon a set of secular pillars. This is largely due to the fact that secularism in Senegal is still an alien plant that can be uprooted at any moment as it is  a machination of one of the officials who is called "Senghor,". We strive hard to provide the moderate Islamic model which is characterized with neither excessiveness nor negligence, which made Islam accepted by the Senegalese people, particularly it is consistent with their values ​​and originality.

Islamic Action
Q- How do you assess the status of the Islamic cultural, charitable and social surroundings your region?
* Our region is characterized with uniqueness of the Islamic experiment where it is considered historically one of the largest areas enriched in the field of strong and mature Islamic experiment. It has witnessed three Islamic empires as well as Islamic reform Emirates and reform and jihad movements which succeeded during the 6th and 7th centuries to establish an Islamic state in the east and north of Senegal, Guinea Conakry, and north Nigeria in a sophisticated way. So, we can say that some of them preceded the Islamic movements' renaissance in the east, where some of them go back to the end of the 15th century AD.
But the entry and survival of the occupation in all parts of the area for about three centuries left a deep impact on the Muslim existence in both the intellectual and political aspects in particular, which led to a major historical rupture that was reflected in the performance of most currents Islamic reform-oriented and hindered its march.
On the whole, the region is witnessing since the start of the modern Islamic awakening phenomena, the growing of the reform trend, with a consciousness varying degrees or depth of experiment.  If the work of Islamic reform has moved from producing programs at the level of the peoples' interests in Senegal and Mali, there are countries where this work is still limited in success, but the opportunities remain intact in producing reform projects on the basis of an Islamic vision, but this requires some support, guidance and patience.[1]
Q- Can we say that the reform movement in Africa at the south of the desert continues its progress towards managing the country?
There is no doubt that there is a good chance in both Mali, Niger and Senegal, especially with the keenness of the Muslims in these countries upon reading the current status and diagnosing its problems. They seek to develop an inspired solutions from Allah's Book and the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Also these reform movements benefited from the Islamic awakening taking place in North Africa and most of the Arab and Islamic countries.
Q- We can not talk away from reality. How do you view the developments witnessed in the Arab region, and What about their impact upon your country?
* All that is happening in the other side of the desert finds its echo in the south, so the colonist that occupied  our country was keen to dismemberment and putting barriers to prevent the transmission of the good from side to side.
Therefore, we in the south of the desert, particularly in Senegal and Mali, which are characterized with Islamic population density, similarity in social conditions as well as geographical proximity, we can say that we are following carefully what is happening in Arab countries and in particular the case of the change in Libya, of  which regime had an intensive presence in Africa.
The owners of the Islamic project see what's happening is a strong indicator of the start of radical transformation era in the Islamic reform movement march.
Q- How do you see the arrival of the owners of the Islamic project to decision-making positions in the Arab and Islamic region?
First: We believe in Allah's promise for those who work hard in accordance with sound Islamic vision.

Second, we see that what is happening is normal. It is high time the values
​​of right and justice, freedom, equality, consultation to dominate.
Furthermore, the rise of Islamists from my own point of view comes in response to what he called Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi as the necessary solution. Humanity  tried  the secularism and it has only reaped what's called by Sheikh Mohammed Alghazali (May Allah mercy him) the bitter harvest.
We believe that the rise of Islamists to decision making positions is an opportunity for the puzzled humanity to be guided to the sound Islamic approach again. But our hope in Allah is great that the owners of the Islamic project bear the trust "strong keepers and trustees."
Q- In the light of the cultural competition witnessed by Senegal, where the Muslims, represents more than 95% of the population according to official statistics, what's the Islamic reading that you present?
* Our reading is that what is happening today is a golden opportunity to the Islamic project staff in Senegal and perhaps to their neighbors, provided that they may understand the situation, re-arrange their interior affairs, rise above their personal desires and overcome a lot of obstacles. When they do so there is no doubt that they will step towards achieving their goals.
 In the context of the Islamic current there are efforts exerted to join the Muslims together to participate actively in the public work in good conditions enable them to achieve advanced gain. But the most important that this trend must prepared itself well to bring about the cherished change.
To the Islamic leaders
Finally, what do you say to the candidate Islamic leaders to take over the decision-making positions in more than one Arab, Muslim country?
First, I remind them that success is difficult, because it requires great efforts, suffering and sacrifice of money, wealth and souls, but the most difficult is to maintain gains and good management in the battle of victory.  The goal is not merely establishing systems under "Islamic" banners, but the resumption of the civilization march of the nation and to provide a practical model that attracts great attention as they did well in the art of marketing and display.
Then we must not forget our brothers who Allah has written this victory was upon their hands. This victory is their own alone but all generations contributed in it.
The other thing we must renew the jurisprudence of dealing with the reality, especially when the matter is concerned with diversity and others.
Then, the best thing they can offer to their Da'wah and message and to those who carries this project all over the world to fulfill their promise to their nation and society. They should ask for Allah's pleasure to get out of Muslim peoples from their dilemma and bring an Islamic civilized and advanced vision.


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