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Secretary-General of the African Union scholars and manager of the University of the coast in Bamako , Republic of Mali


Dr. Saeed Mohammed Baba Seyla
Secretary-General of the African Union scholars and manager of the University of the coast in Bamako , Republic of Mali
Dr. Said Seyla: The Africa Union scholars is a legitimate scientific reference for the progress of Muslims in the continent
* The Union enjoys with independent and its reference is Allah's Book and Sunnah upon the understanding the previous scholars of guidance based on moderation
*  Holding a course for developing the talented, preparing researches and production of media programs are some of the ways of Da'wah
* We target the public of scholars, preachers and students to enhance their role in the leadership of societies.
We require from the union member to be acquainted with legislation and an influential figure in his surroundings and well-known with good reputation
 In a world filled with alliances, blocs and specialized unions , it has become wasting of time that the Muslims remain away from this trend in the face of challenges that need concerted efforts and searching for participants.
Recently, the African union scholars has realized this issue in 2011. After an extensive and intensive discussions and debates they formed federation of scholars. Also they selected Bamako, the capital of the Republic of Mali to be its temporary headquarter and an active scientific reference in the African communities to strengthen the role of scholars and preachers in leading the society and unit their ranks to lead the nation according to the correct Islamic approach. Moreover, adjusting fatwa, interacting with the public issues and events in the continent. The union expresses about the African Muslims in the local, regional and international forums .
          This union represents an institutional dimension of the Islamic work in the continent level, embodies the will of the marginalized majority and the vulnerable minority of Muslims. We were looking forwards to this union for a long time and the strong reasons for supporting confirmed the need for its existence .
          The Secretary-General of the Public Union for African scholars and the manager of the University of the coast in Bamako, Republic of Mali Dr. Saeed Mohammed Baba Seyla, who paid a visit to Kuwait recently to participate in the symposium of renewals Islamic thought, which was organized by the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, attributed the reasons of the establishment of the Union to the lack of scholars reference for Muslims in Africa and the absence of the voice of Muslims in public issues, problems, the growing of conflicts that the Muslims has become a party, the dispersion of efforts preachers and poor coordination among them, and the weakness of the scientific deep-rooting for fatwa.
          Regarding the independence of the Union and its distance from the prejudices of the intellectual and political in the region Dr. Seyla added that this was present in the mind of the founders and vision was clear from the beginning. We aimed to create a legitimate scientific reference for promoting the Islamic nation in Africa and to avoid any deviation from the correct path. The founders of the Union put a set of governing policies where Allah's book, the Sunnah and understand the pervious scholars of guidance based on moderation are its reference. The union works to consolidate the local dimension of the African Union in terms of the establishment, management and finding a true representation of the parties to all parts of the continent. The union enjoys with independent and way from custody of the State or bodies. It is closely linked to the society through the promotion of the status of members of the local societies, the adoption of scientific and professional mechanism in decision-making, highlight the attitudes and perspectives, adopting the scientific strategy in dealing with the official bodies and institutions. As well as the varied trends and following a media policy to reinforce the message of the Union in guiding the continent. The union also opens its doors for men and women to work in accordance with Sharia regulations .
  In response to a question about the goals of the Union seeks to achieve Dr. Seyla said, "we work as I pointed out before to establish a scientific Da'wai reference to guide and coordinate the scientific Da'awi efforts in Africa. This reference should express Muslims in the continent before the academic institutions, bodies of scientific, and official and international bodies, contribute to strengthen the efforts of scholars to guide and lead the African communities, adjust the fatwa in public issues in Africa, to promote peaceful coexistence among the segments of African societies, open the channels of communication and interaction with other Muslim communities in the service of the Muslim public issues .
          As for the approach of the Union to translate these hopes and aspirations in a fast continent, the Secretary-General explained that there are many ways including coordination the scientific, Da'awi educational efforts in the continent, the establishment of scientific, Da'awi and educational projects as well as developing and supporting the local and regional Islamic organizations and issuing statements upon the public issues and disseminating them via the mass media, providing advice, guidance and consultations to those bodies and exerting much influential effort in the resolution of conflicts in which one of its parties is a Muslim, the issuance of fatwas in the public affairs and activating the mosque mission and rehabilitation of those who support it, holding meetings and scientific Da'awi conferences, organizing seminars and public lectures, holding training courses to develop the talented, forming a database about Islam in Africa, preparing studies and research and publishing them, producing audio-visual programs in the official languages ​​and popular in the continent and the creation and use of mass media with all its forms.
          Regarding the number of the Union members and the terms of joining Dr. Seyla said that the Union comprises from 224 scholar from all parties to African, particularly sub-Saharan. They represent a lot of bodies, institutions, associations and higher education. This is a preliminary step to move to the institutional membership. As for the specifications of the candidate for the union membership are as follows. He should be a scholar in Sharia, an influential figure in his surroundings and enjoys with good reputation. The union took into account the geographical distribution of the members of its members where we can observe this in the presidency. The president of the Union of East Africa is Dr. Saeed Burhan Abdullah from Comoros. He has four deputies to West Africa and eastern, central and southern and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of West Africa is Dr. Mohammed Ahmed of Senegal and Vice President of East Africa is Sheikh Abdul Karim Gahoto of Rwanda and the Secretary General of West Africa with his two assistants from the countries of the continent and so is the other committees .
Dr. Seyla spoke about the future of the Union scholars and its programs by saying that we expect future full of responsibilities with the size of the challenges that face the African continent. This requires more concerted efforts of the members of the Union primarily and then those who are involved in Islamic work in Africa from individuals, organizations and countries. Regarding, the aspiration programs that we seek to strengthen the efforts of the members in their societies are many and multiple including websites to facilitate dissemination of their science, fatwas, the creation of mosques, building centers, scientific libraries and the establishment of publishing houses to disseminate  their scientific and Da'awi productions, issuing scientific journal, holding training courses, and rehabilitation programs, organizing lectures and seminars in issues of the nation and the establishment of charitable Waqf, attracting 300 scholars to the union membership, 100 scientific body, developing the Islamic curriculum, seeking to unite a legitimate vision of the crescents in the countries of the Union for Ramadan and the two Eids .
          He pointed out that the Union primarily aims primarily the majority of scholars, preachers and students by strengthening their role in the leadership of the communities and the interaction with society issues.  The forums and courses are in this direction. Therefore, we can say that the Union targets through its programs all segments of society, rulers and the ruled alike, the educated and illiterate. As well as the union plays a prominent role in solving the local and regional conflicts in the continent in coordination with the relevant authorities. The Public Secretariat works at the level to develop a plan to perform the due job in the current conflicts, such as the problem of Somalia with its local and regional intricacy and the problem in the Sahel-Sahara region .
On the relationship of the scholars of the Africa Union with the Islamic entities outside the continent, regional and international organizations , Dr. Seyla confirmed that forming scholars of the Africa Union does not necessarily mean isolation from the Islamic nation in its crucial issues. Hence the Union is keen to find communication channels with from the Islamic entities outside the continent from unions , and Islamic, global or regional connections. Also finding partnerships with them to implement the plans and programs. From our programs, we strive to create relationships with regional and international organizations, and other bodies of local communities through a plan to identify the union with the other bodies, using the various methods of correspondence, communications, visits, and signing a memoranda of understanding and meetings about the issues of common concern.
          We worked hard to devote communications with bodies and authorities in the continent to identify them with the Union and its objectives through the members in their countries to form formal relations with bodies and governments. Regarding the outside of the continent via communication with bodies and ministries of Islamic Affairs. I met the officials delegations of the Union. Those meetings included OECD, the Muslim World League, the International Union for Muslim Scholars, the Association of Muslim Scholars, the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance in Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in the State of Qatar, as well as the charitable organizations and the academic institutions are many. These meetings will continue to include other countries and organizations outside the continent in the North Africa. The common denominator among these meetings are welcoming the establishment of this Union, and the willingness to cooperate with it in the service of the issues of the African continent where the Muslims constitute an important part of the Islamic nation.
          Regarding the finance of the Union's activities, the Secretary-General of the scholars of the African Union said the finance is a central issue. Its sources represented in the annual subscriptions of the members, donations, wills, Waqf  and the like and investments and the profits of the publications, researches and services provided by the Union .


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