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Secretary-General of International Islamic Relief Organization in Saudi Arabia

Secretary-General of International Islamic Relief Organization in Saudi Arabia: Our programs aim to developing the communities and liberate them from the clutches of underdevelopment

* We care with endowment, professional investment and achieve pioneering in charitable and institutional work and serving the development and reconstruction.

* Stable sources of funding for humanitarian projects should be provided to avoid the economic shocks and to ensure its continuity.

* We have partnerships with varied bodies and hospitals to aid Syria and we got ISO certificates and transparency from international organizations.

The march of the International Islamic Relief Organization in Saudi Arabia constitutes a rich experience over the past 37 years. As we huge experiences, successes and programs that are carried out in various parts of the world via 36 offices abroad and 26 in the Kingdom.

Secretary- General of the International Islamic Relief Dr. Ehsan Saleh Al-Taieb has vast experience in the field of humanitarian and social work. He is one of the characters that has specialized scientific status and varied expertise in different social and humanitarian activities. Moreover, he had contributions in the charitable societies, their development, expanding their horizons and opening channels between the state, represented in the Ministry of Social Affairs and the civil society institutions. As well as he has great history with the juvenile Houses, prisons, guidance houses, observation Houses, and anti-begging Houses in various social activities that brings benefits to the community. The workers and officials in these sectors called him the lover of charitable work.

Cooperation and reconstruction of Earth

From his experience Dr. Al-Taiebviews that the success of charitable work is based on believing the idea that man was created for the reconstruction of the earth and cooperation  in the righteousness and piety matter is divine order as Allah the Almighty says, " And unto (the tribe of) A'ad (We sent) their brother, Hud. He said: O my people! Serve Allah! Ye have no other Allah save Him. Lo! ye do but invent." this verse explains that the purpose of Allah's creation of man is to worship and the reconstruction of the earth. Then this is the basis for the construction of human life, after that joint cooperation comes as a second basis. Allah the Almighty says, "Help not one another unto sin and transgression, but keep your duty to Allah. Lo! Allah is severe in punishment."
He pointed out that the role of philanthropy work grows as a third sector in developing the communities as well as the public and private sectors. In this context, the relief Foundation contributed with diversified activity in relief, health, and socialfield. We sought to establish partnerships, alliances, building potentials and support programs for continuous improvement.

Al-Taieb indicated that the Islamic Relief Organization  seeks to be a reference to the humanitarian and charitable work and the first choice of donors and through care with endowment and professional investment to implement its programs and projects for developing the communities to achieve pioneering in charitable and institutional work and serving the development and reconstruction.

Educational programs

Thesecretary-general stated that the goals of Relief Organization are many and varied. It includesaiding the refugee, implement the sacrificeprograms and providing humanitarian assistance to the poor and the needy. The fields of its work are based on building schools as giving attention to education because it is the corner stone of changing in the communities, supporting educational institutions, providing scholarships for students, contributing in the support of curriculum of all educational stages, printingthe educational books and receive surplus of the textbooks and sending them to poor communities to take advantage of them and providing temporary education schools for the displaced or refugees.

Urgent relief

Providing urgent relief is one of the field work of the Organization, including emergency aid for the victims of civil wars and natural disasters all over the world and caring the refugees, migrants and displaced healthy, educationally and morally and finding ways and means to reach those affected as soon as possible and to cooperate with all bodies working in the field of emergency relief to focus on the efforts and reduce the costs and ease the suffering of people and standing by their side and extending a helpful to them, transforming the refugees' status to give a vivid picture for the donor to extend a helpful hand to his brothers. This is translated by the foundation to continue its efforts in relieving the Syrian people, setting up refugee camps for the Syrians in Lebanon with providing a decent shelters for them.

Memorizing and teaching the Holy Quran

Dr. Taiebexplained that caring memorizing and teaching the holy Quran is one of the pioneering activities of the organization in compliance with the command of Allah Almighty who said in the Holy Quran, "And there may spring from you a nation who invite to goodness, and enjoin right conduct and forbid indecency. Such are they who are successful."(Al-Imran 104) The organization is interested in intensifying the efforts preaching and teaching Quran and highlighting the Da'awi aspect in its activities and programs, connecting the other work of the organization with calling to Allah the Almighty and Hisholy book. It was decided to establish a program of Holy Quran and Da'wah  as one of the specialized programs to implement this important task in a way that gains Allah'swill.

The organization engineering department is active in the field of  school construction, digging wells, the construction of mosques, Quranic centers, clinics, hospitals, shelters, training centers,Islamic complexes, civilizational centers, orphanages, and widows' houses and the needy, and the distribution of water coolers within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic countries and regions of the presence of Muslims around the world.

Community Development

Dr. Al-Taieb continued illustrating hisorganization experience saying, that in the basis of enhancing solidarity between the individual and society and embodiment of compassion and empathy meanings the organization represented in its scattered offices across the Kingdom sought to provide support and aidto the needy inside and outside the Kingdom.In this framework the organization established a special department under the name (Department of Community Development ) to take care of some segments of society, such as widows, orphans, the elderly, the people with special needs, the disabled, the sick and needy families, the families of prisoners, divorced, the families affected by disasters and calamities, productive families, the drug addicts, the juveniles and caring the poor students. He pointed out that this trend strengthened the desire of some businessmen and philanthropists toparticipate in the charitable work in the host country and the desire of the organization to benefit them from the food stuff, other household appliances and furnishings that are difficult to be shipped outside the Kingdom.

He stressed that the community development programs aims to rehabilitate people to contribute in developing the communities and release them from the clutches of underdevelopment by relying on themselves out of the base "give me an ax to work with", teach him how to fish instead of giving him a fish. He referred to the organization'scare of the projects, anti-poverty programs, human development programs,the productive families programs, combating desertification, agricultural projects, housing and programs to support the families of prisonersand conducting electricity for the homes of some poor families.

He pointed out that when the custodian of the two Holy mosques launched the public campaign for relieving the affected in Syria, the organization was one of the institutions that responded to the initiative. He explained that the organization was keen to implement its programs according to a studied scientific approach and held partnerships with hospitals and numerous organizations. Thanks to Allah we obtained ISO certificates and transparency from a number of international organizations.
He stressed the need to provide stable sources of funding for humanitarian projects in order to avoid economic shocks and to ensure its continuous role.

We extend our sincere appreciationsto Dr. Ehsan Saleh Al-Taieb the secretary-general of the International Islamic Relief Organization in Saudi Arabia for this interview. We ask Allah the Almighty to grant him good healthand peace be upon our master Muhammad and his family and his companions, and praise be to Allah. Lord of the Worlds

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