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Dr. Abdul Rahim Al Mahmoud: Mercy softens hearts of people and protects society when the d...

Mercy and compassion are a noble ethics that characterize prophets and righteous people. Such attitude is due to the sense of responsibility towards others by supporting and helping those who in need.
Sheikh Abdullah Al-Dossari: Adhering to Prophet's teachings and his morals would bring cal...

The Prophet Muhammad PBUH is the true embodiment of full morality and virtues. Speaking about imitating the Prophet's morality, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Dosari
Prof. Hamad Al-Hajri: We must thank Allah Almighty and be patient in times of bad weather ...

At this time of year, a wave of bad weather hits many regions, turning warmth and sunny weather into winds and rain
Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Sadhan: Good morals in Islam are a kind of worship that brings the belie...

Allah Almighty blessed Muslims when He sent them a prophet who is the perfect embodiment of morality and complete virtues
Sheikh Faisal Al-Otaibi: A little of unobserved worship could be a safeguard against regre...

Worship is an act intended to comply with the will of Allah Almighty. The scholars have defined it as all doings and sayings that please Allah. So, since the purpose of any worship is to seek the mercy of Allah and fear of His wrath
Sheikh Nawaf Al-Salem: Social Media has become one of the most effective means for Daawa...

Daawa [Proselytization] and preaching have a significant religious role. In view of the fact that every preacher who deliveres the message of Islam and guides people to the right path is like a mujahid; walking on the way of the prophets, following their footsteps, and leading people to the path of truth and righteousness.
Prof. Sulaiman Al-Oyouni: Arabic is an integral part of Muslims' religion and identity...

No one can deny the importance of Arabic; as the language of the Holy Quran and The Prophetic Sunnah, as well as being an integral part of Islamic legislation structure.
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