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Dr. Omar Al-Saeed: Honoring parents makes homes full of blessing and grace...

That unconditional and pure love connecting children with their parents is one of the deepest and most noble human feelings at all. Thus, since the dutifulness to parents in Islam is a kind of worship, disobedience otherwise is a major sin, because no matter how obedience and loyalty that children would show to their parents, they can not reward the parents' kindness, care, and love they deserve.
Dr. Ahmad Al-Wanis: Prosperity and economic rebound depend mainly on the country's securit...

Allah Almighty Has blessed mankind with countless of blessings, maybe the most important of them is the grace of safe and secure living. Since security is the cornerstone for the social stability, as well as it is the first step for the building of human civilization. In this regard
Dr. Abdullah Al-Askar: The Holy Quran is the safe haven during tribulation and Fitnah...

In this era that full of sedition and trials, where good is mixed with evil, when disputes and conflicts of interest prevail, things will only be resolved if people have a disciplined moral standard, derived from Quran and Sunnah, protects them during the time of Fitnah [the word reffers to trial or tests of life].
Sheikh Abdulrahman Al-Mulla: Our religion is based on facilitating and simplifying things ...

Sheikh Abdulrahman Al-Mulla: Our religion is based on facilitating and simplifying things to people
Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Jammal: Envy eliminates good deeds and engender hostility among people...

Islam aims to build a perfect personality in all respects; the right doctrine, noble morality and the appropriate behavior. Thus, Muslim is required to strive to reform himself, outwardly and internally
Muhammed Al-Shamali: We have to teach our children self-censorship so as not to be distrac...

Allah Almighty Has blessed us with this vast amount of modern technology and communication networks
Sheikh Omar Al-Zubaidy: Ablution and Dhikr are the most effective way to control anger...

Anger or wrath is one of the most common emotional disorders that can hardly be avoided. Except for those whom Allah Almighty has granted them His protection
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