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Sheikh Mesnad Al-Qahtani: Optimism and trust in Allah protects societies from sliding into...

The believer is in constant need of divine help; to ask for good or to seek refuge from evil. Thus, seeking help and supplicating to Allah Almighty if combined
Dr. Abdul Rahim Al-Mahmoud: Forgiveness and pardon are a sign of piety...

Human being, by nature, tends to feel triumphant and superior, that tendency has always been the enabling environment for conflict and dispute throughout history. Then, Islam came with a set of lofty values ​​that taught man how to forgive and how to overcome the evil and the desire for vengeance.
Dr. Fares Al-Mustafa: Doing of good deeds is a religious duty, not a matter of choice...

Dr. Fares Al-Mustafa: Doing of good deeds is a religious duty, not a matter of choice
Dr. Khaled Al-Holybi: Children have an excess energy that needs to be discharged in physic...

There is no doubt that video games, cartoons and anime movies have become a matter of concern for researchers in fields of education and institutions concerned with raising youth
Sheikh Ashraf Al-Mousa: The greatest example of patriotism is the Messenger of Allah (PBUH...

Patriotism can be regarded as a kind of an innate love to the homeland, as well as being one of the virtues of Islam
Sheikh Bader Al-Filkawi: Patriotism is one of the noble values ​​that our religion urges...

Man by nature cherish the homeland he belongs to, since it is the home of his ancestors and his descendants as well. Then Islam came and strengthened this sense of belonging to the homeland, and even made it a necessity to build civilization. Since then, it is incumbent on every Muslim to contribute to the reform of his society as much as he can.
Dr. Omar Al-Saeed: Honoring parents makes homes full of blessing and grace...

That unconditional and pure love connecting children with their parents is one of the deepest and most noble human feelings at all. Thus, since the dutifulness to parents in Islam is a kind of worship, disobedience otherwise is a major sin, because no matter how obedience and loyalty that children would show to their parents, they can not reward the parents' kindness, care, and love they deserve.
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