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Strategic Goals

First: strategic goals and objectives for the field of Holy Quran, the Prophet's Sunna, thought and culture:

·        First Goal: upgrading citizens' levels that interested in the Holy Quran and developing those in charge of teaching the Quran.

o       Objective 1: developing the demand for memorizing the Quran

o       Objective 2: providing the appropriate environment for the development of God's Holy Quran-memorizers

o       Objective 3: graduating a group of Holly Quran memorizers.

o       Objective 4: strengthen the technical capacity of those who are responsible for teaching the Holly Quran and improving their performance.  

·        Second Goal: graduating the professional memorizers and developing the skills and the science of conservation:

o       Objective 1: Developing a learning environment in memorizing Quran and encouraging people to memorize Quran.

o       Objective 2: diversification of Qur’anic workshops and increasing the numbers of associates.

·        Third Goal: upgrading the level of knowledge and following the biography of our Prophet, peace be upon him:

o       Objective 1: Preparing information programs to educate different age groups to follow the teachings of Prophet Peace be upon him.

o       Objective 2: achieving practical programs directed toward following the teachings of our Prophet Peace be upon him.

o       Objective 3: carrying out studies and researches to identify ways of developing the mechanisms of commitment to follow the Prophet peace be upon him.

·        Fourth Goal: consolidation of Islamic values and morality in society among citizens with different ages

o       Objective 1: expanding in the activities and programs of the centers and houses of the Holy Quran.

o       Objective 2: Developing curriculum, programs and mechanisms of working in these houses and centers.

o       Objective 3: Coordination and cooperation with the institutions of civil society regarding the upbringing of the young on religious ethics and virtues.

·        Fifth Goal: raising awareness of the Islamic concepts and values, particularly with regard to addressing the problems faced by society:

o       Objective 1: contributing in the intellectual treatment of problems that facing the community in various spheres of life.

o       Objective 2: directing energies to the development of the spirit of compassion and solidarity among members of society.

o       Objective 3: paying attention to the categories of society that need special care guidelines.

·        Sixth Goals: calling for positive interaction with contemporary civilization with preserving the Islamic identity features:

o       Objective 1: Strengthening communication with Muslims and others and to highlight the role of Kuwait's civilized Central supportive of developing plans in the world.

o       Objective 2: Promoting the contributions and initiatives of institutions and individuals based on the role of Islam in the enrichment of contemporary civilization.

o       Objective 3: inviting Muslims to specialize in contemporary sciences, and to effective participation in the absorption and development of these sciences.

·        Seventh Goal: the expansion of community development program relevant to working women:

o       Objective 1: a comprehensive assessment of the experience of working women in the ministry.

o       Objective 2: scientific and legitimate strengthening of contemporary issues relevant to women.

o       Objective 3 encouraging programs and activities directed to the family.

·        Eighth Goal: activating the Ministry's contribution with charitable committees in the dissemination of the teachings of the Islamic religion:

o       Objective 1: coordinating with the charitable associations and committees working within and outside Kuwait.

o       Objective 2: providing with religious programs and activities to increase awareness of the various communities.

·        Ninth Goal: emphasizing on national unity and rejecting Discord, intolerance and chauvinism:

o       Objective 1: Awareness spirit of loyalty and belonging, about the principles of Islam, which calls for compliance with the law and public order.

o       Objective 2: Responding to the intellectual claims that prevent the cohesion of national unity to the community, or lead to the dispersal of effort and waste of resources.

·        Tenth Goal: to continue in the development of Haj and Umrah in order to raise the level of service.

o       Objective 1: developing the relationship with the official and civil sectors concerning with pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia.

o       Objective 2: Developing the mechanisms of supervising on the campaigns of Haj and Umrah.

o       Objective 3: implementation of the programs of Haj and Umrah to the Ministry.

Second: the strategic goals and objectives for the mosques sector:

·        First Goal: activating the role of the mosque as the radiation in the community:

o       Objective 1: Strengthening the role of mosque in the community concerning the aspects of faith and worship in addition to the aspects of public Islamic Guidance in community's issues.

o       Objective 2: connecting mosque with local environment through targeted programs achieved by imams in mosques.

o       Objective 3: cooperation between the mosque, home and school to provide the right atmosphere for the Youth Worship.

·        Second Goal: strengthening the developing activities through contributing in creating a favorable climate inside the mosque.

o       Objective 1: contributing in the enrichment of developing culture and recruitment of religion and jurisprudence activities in the mosque to develop society.

o       Objective 2: calling for the preservation of public property and maintenance of the facilities.

·        Third Goal: developing the level of the workers in mosque's programs and activities.

o       Objective 1: Developing mechanisms and systems of selection and appointment of imams and preachers and mounts.

o       Objective 2: Developing programs and the benefits of appreciation and motivation for workers in the service of mosques.

o       Objective 3: Developing rehabilitation and training program for workers in the service of mosques.

·        Fourth Goal: paying attention to the technical aspects of the architectural and construction of mosques:

o       Objective 1: providing mosques with the necessary maintenance

o       Objective 2: interest in the construction and decoration of mosques.

o       Objective 3: implementation of the five-year plan for building new mosques.

·        Fifth Goal: making the Grand Mosque a center of religious, cultural, educational, and social radiation

o       Objective 1: highlighting the aspects of the history of Islamic civilization and the arts of architecture, engraving and Arab line.

o       Objective 2: highlighting the aesthetics of the building of Grand Mosque and its activities across various media.

o       Objective 3: completing the activities and program of religious, social and cultural enshrined Grand Mosque.

·        Sixth Goal: preparing Grand Mosque to play the role of the teacher desired from all people.

o       Objective 1: receiving visitors of Grand Mosque through exciting and meaningful program.

o       Objective 2: Developing public services in Grand Mosque.

o       Objective 3: maintaining the buildings and facilities of the mosque and developing them.

Third: the strategic goals and objectives in the field of research and advisory legitimacy:

·        First Goal: the preparation and issuance of Islamic Encyclopedias    in a modern methods helping in learning religious

o       Objective 1: completion of the issuance and printing the jurisprudence encyclopedia.

o       Objective 2: developing a set of encyclopedias and jurisprudence evidence.

o       Objective 3: translating Encyclopedia with the language of interest and use.

·        Second Goal: activating the role of studies and research to meet the legitimate needs of the community:

o       Objective 1: preparation of studies and research related to social issues.

o       Objective 2: preparation of studies and jurisprudence research in the field of centrism and moderation.

o       Objective 3: Preparation of studies and jurisprudential research related to family issues, youth and girls.

·        Third Goal: developing mechanisms for the provision of legitimate public and private issues:

o       Objective 1: expansion of the fatwa services via phone.

o       Objective 2: increasing and developing manpower for services disintegration.

·        Fourth Goal: the acquisition and preservation of Islamic manuscripts in a modern facilitate utilization.

o       Objective 1: Acquisition of original manuscripts and video from various sources.

o       Objective 2: indexing and organizing manuscripts using modern mechanisms.

o       Objective 3: sterilization and restoration of manuscripts according to advanced techniques.

·        Fifth Goal: strengthening the role of the actor Islamic libraries in the dissemination of Islamic culture and closer ties with the research:

o       Objective 1: Acquisition of important Islamic volumes.

o       Objective 2: facilitating the means to benefit from the service of Islamic libraries.

o       Objective 3: Developing the information base on the advisory bodies and research.

o       Objective 4: strengthening relationship institutions and advisory .bodies.

Fourth: the strategic goals and objectives concerning the field of media.

·        First Goal: the emphasis on role of Kuwait as caretakers that moderate Islamic culture in the external and internal public:

o       Objective 1: finding and developing new means of communication and quality with the public outside.

o       Objective 2: permanent and effective presence in the effect of Islamic culture (GULF - Arabs - internationally).

o       Objective 3: designing an information system reflects the intellectual median letter to the Ministry.

·        Second Goal: expanding aimed, valuable and useful media

o       Objective 1: Preparation of valuable media materials.

o       Objective 2: investment tools of media for the dissemination of aimed values.

·        Third Goal: referring to the efforts of the ministry and its policies, objectives, plans and program:

o       Objective 1: declaration of the program and activities of the Ministry in various media.

o       Objective 2: cooperation and coordination with all the media in order to serve the objectives of the ministry.

Fifth: strategic objectives for the area of internal and external communication.

·        First Goal: communication with all segments of society organizations concerned in the Islamic internal and external:

o       Objective 1: extending bridges to communicate with all recipients of ministry services

o       Objective 2: Developing mechanisms and ways to take advantage of the guests and visitors who hosted periodically by the Ministry.

·        Second Goal: coordination and cooperation with civil society institutions working in the field of community development:

o       Objective 1: developing protocols for cooperation with civil society institutions working in the field of community development.

o       Objective 2: implementation of joint program with civil society organizations working in the field of community development.

o       Objective 3: Developing complementary role of the ministry with civil society institutions related to community development.

·        Third Goal: raising awareness of the importance of community and social teachings of positive interaction with the public Islamic regard:

o       Objective 1: focusing on the issues of developing community and promoting positive interaction with the issues of the Islamic world.

o       Objective 2: building bridges of cooperation and joint work with the countries concerned in the Islamic inside and outside Kuwait.

o       Objective 3: Developing and coordinating efforts concerning outside aids supervised by the ministry.

·        Fourth Goal: communicating with the institutions and personalities involved in the Women’s work:

o       Objective 1: Developing a joint program and activities with the parties concerned in the Women’s.

o       Objective 2: holding cooperation agreements with the institutions concerned to women’s work.

Sixth: the strategic goals and objectives for the field of institutional work:

·        First Goal: developing mechanisms for the preparation and implementation of the strategic plan.

o       Objective 1: drafting the strategic plan from the reality of the program of work of the government and the Islamic issue.

o       Objective 2: to absorb stressing that all the sectors of the Ministry got the document of the plan and the concepts of planning during the first year.

o       Objective 3: implementation of operational plans in the framework of the schedule and performance parameters.

o       Objective 4: providing supporting programs and the desired institutional culture values.

·        Second Goal: developing organizational structures and institutional systems:

o       Objective 1: Developing organizational structure of the Ministry.

o       Objective 2: Updating cards job descriptions and follow-up work.

o       Objective 3: Developing policies and manual work procedures in the ministry.

·        Third Goal: manpower development in the ministry:

o       Objective 1: Founding project of human development.

o       Objective 2: creating an environment of collective action and the development of team spirit among employees.

o       Objective 3: attracting qualified manpower to work in the ministry.

o       Objective 4: preparation and implementation of development and rehabilitation program for workers in the ministry.

o       Objective 5: planning training program and preparing plans for years.

·        Fourth Goal: the formulation and implementation of development program leadership:

o       Objective 1: activation of the delegation of authority for the sectors and work units.

o       Objective 2: implementation of rehabilitation program and training command at the ministry.

o       Objective 3: implementation of training program for female leadership.

o       Objective 4: care innovation and distinction between employees of the leading ministry.

·        Fifth Goal: supporting and developing systems and mechanisms of work in the ministry:

o       Objective 1: Developing systems and financial management work.

o       Objective 2: Developing mechanisms up in the work of organizational units.

o       Objective 3: Developing automated systems and technical information used annually.

o       Objective 4: supporting automated devices for the ministry.

·        Sixth Goal: providing information support services to beneficiaries Information Center:

o       Objective 1: Developing systems technical support and technical information center.

o       Objective 2: increasing support of the ministry of information and the development of its resources to serve the beneficiaries


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