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Main L.O.B. s

Main L.O.B. s:

From the vision and values that govern work in the Ministry, we can notice that the programmes and activities of the Ministry's projects are completed according to the range in fields of work that constitute moving towards this integrated vision.

First Line: the Science of Qur'an and Sunna, as well as the affairs of culture and intellect.

Second Line: the Mosques

Third Line: Al-Ifta "Legal Advice" and Legitimate Researches

Fourth Line: Media

Fifth Line: Local and International Communication

Sixth Line: Organizational Work

Supporting Lines:

Here it should be stressed that these previous lines of business represent only the major lines of work activities in the Ministry, which should be the focus of the strategy. This of course means there are a number of supported lines to strengthen the main lines and the following lines are considered to be the most important. These supported fields have a great importance in achieving the strategy and in its success or failure.

First Line: Administrative Support

Second Line: Financial Support

Third Line: Informational Support

Needless to say, aforementioned supported fields are just for example.

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